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My book

Changing Channels

Hotshot TV news producer and aspiring novelist Ian Tripp has already watched the sole copy of his manuscript go down with the North Tower, but on Sept 11, 2001, when a wisecrack winds up on the six o’clock news, Southern California’s celebrated golden boy gets canned from LA Tonightcolor bars Blacklisted from LA to NYC, Ian loses the ponytail and diamond stud ear ring and heads north to a small TV station in the Pacific Northwest where he plays the role of Father Goose to a brood of green, trouble-prone reporters who remind Ian of his own salad days.

But long after he settles into the homey and unassuming community, makes new friends, finds a girl, Ian still yearns for and strategizes the day when he returns to the sandy beaches and trendy bistros of Southern California. Now, his novel finished—again, and a Hollywood movie producer intrigued by his screenplay, Ian is ready to leave the country life behind once and for all. But the big comeback doesn’t follow the script, and Ian must write his way out of unexpected plot twists, dramatic cliffhangers, and ultimately his own back story if he’s to find his way home.