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What Pinterests you? Cats? Casseroles? Konmari?

Pinterest_Logo.svgOver the last couple of weeks my smartphone has been inundated with Pinterests notifications. Things I might be Pinterested in. From whom? and how did they somehow get the impression I’m a co-pinner.  I’m not, though I admit I tapped on a few of the emails. That’s kind of cool, I said to myself.

Let’s go back. I joined Pinterest  in Spring of 2010, right after the “photo sharing website” went live. My co-anchor Claire said, “Oh you’ll love Pinterest.”

“Claire. What use do I have for it? I don’t whip up that many casseroles and I don’t own a glue gun.”

“It’s more than that.”

Then she showed me some of the Pinterest fail sites. melted crayons Now that I was interested in. Cracked me up.

Fast forward to the present. I went to Wikipedia-this website I know about-and read how Pinterest started, who’s pinning (the vast majority women-70 percent) and why they spend so much time doing it. (The most popular categories on Pinterest are food & drink, DIY and crafts, women’s apparel, home decor, and travel.)

If you’re like me and know very little or diddly about it, here’s Pinterest in a nutshell. You sign up,  and then upload, save sort and manage pictures and videos. Your “pins.”  You pin your pins to your pinboard. Essentially, a pinboard is the 21st Century version of a stamp collection, or an index card box full of your favorite casseroles or pie recipes.

But there’s more. You can go look at other people’s pinboards, and if you see something you like, you can snatch it-or pin it-and put it in your own collection.

Doesn’t seem right. It sounds like stealing.

No. Sharing.

Okay, I get it. People with the same interests/hobbies can interact. They can swap recipes, and show off all sorts of cool arts and crafts.

But it’s not just hobbyists. Everybody pins: private companies, public agencies,  celebrities (you know I had to search this guy).

And authors.

Oh hold on. I’m an author.

So now I’m searching all over Pinterest and finding what people are reading, what new books are out there, what old books are still favorites; I’m seeing all sorts of cool covers. I’ve got my pin button out and-OH, now I know why the inundation.

It’s the pin-it button.

So, ahem. What Pinterests me? 


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