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Skipping Christmas

frosty It was last Christmastime I read John Grisham’s novel Skipping Christmas. I was about two pages into it when I said to myself, this should be a movie.
At my writer’s critique group I told them about this book and said “It should be a movie.”
Judy looked at me and said, “It is a movie.”
Christmas with the Kranks. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as Luther and Nora Krank, a couple that decides to go on a cruise and skip Christmas – no gifts, no parties, no tree, no fruitcake, the whole shebang. They’re going on diets to fit into bathing suits and leave for the Caribbean on Christmas day.
It turns out, skipping Christmas isn’t that easy.
As far as the book, critics were a bit harsh, probably because it was such a departure from Grisham’s courtroom thrillers. Sure, it’s not The Firm, or A Time to Kill, but for what it is, Skipping Christmas is a charming holiday read. And better than the movie. The moment with Luther on the roof with Frosty is one of those moments when Hollywood can’t match the combination of words on paper and a reader’s imagination.
The book is readily available for purchase. It’s also in the library. The movie on Netflix.
Here’s the trailer, but it does give away an important pinch of the movie. I recommend you not watch it until after you’ve finished the book.

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