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Fair’s in the air-with extra onions please

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Judy Arndt photo

A gauzy streak of smoke drifts across the valley this morning. I’m not sure if it’s from wildfires burning in the north or the aftermath of deep fryers at the county fair this week.

I did have a hankering for an elephant ear to go along with the coffee this morning…

Dustin Patrick photo

From the hill I can see the hubbub at the fairgrounds, especially at night with the ferris wheel all lit up in red lights and next to it blue shafts from the slingshot ride everyone’s talking about (you gotta be nuts!).

I hear the fair, too, including the bands traveling the fair circuit this summer. I think it was Foreigner on Thursday (I  Want to Know What Love is).  Yeah, those guys, from my college days. They’re still around?

I remember the night years back during fair week when I sat on the porch and listened to Willie Nelson singing On the Road Again. Now that was something. Even with frogs croaking in the marsh and the rodeo announcer whooping it up with the crowd in the arena, Willie sounded great.

Maybe the frogs had been singing along.

I go to the fair to see the critters. The 4H and FFA kids I’m sure look at me like I’m a city slicker. I’m not, entirely. I grew up in rural Southern California (outside LA-that’s rural!). I had chickens, a horse. But I admit as I walk from pen to pen at the fair I tend to talk to the hogs and sheep like they can understand me. And I could never raise one only to then hand it over to well, you know…

As I leave the barns I think if I had a farm now, all the animals would wind up as pets and I’d be a devout vegetarian. So then of course, I walk down the midway and grab a chili dog.

Judy Arndt photo
Dustin Patrick photo

County fairs, small or large- a great tradition to cap off the summer.

I could go for a churro right about now.




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