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Do you read blogs? Your timely advice wanted.

Do you read blogsDo you read blogs?

You’re up before the sun, on the treadmill, off to work. The kids home for summer. The folks away on another cruise (you babysit Buster and check the sprinklers). Those stubborn seven pounds to lose before the class reunion picnic.

During all this everyday hustle and bustle, do you have even have time to read blogs? Even one?

I really want to know what blogs you read because as a soon-to-be published author, I’m suppose to write a blog. That’s the marketing end of things when you write a book. “Get out there, Kevin,” the social media consultants advise. “Grow your fan base.” (I’ve always been uncomfortable describing you as fan-a tad pretentious.)

Write a blog. Like you, where’s the time to read blogs. And they want me to write one. And not just one. Every day. Three a week. At least one a week, at the bare minimum. “But make sure you send out regular tweets and keep your Facebook Fan page up to date.” (There’s that word again.)

Can’t I just write books every once in a while that’ll make people smile and feel good?

“Great. But you also need to blog.”

So, here we are. You and me. You don’t have time to read what I don’t have time to write.

Oh Well.  We don’t have much choice do we? You can’t turn your back on Buster and let the grass turn brown. I can’t just write books.

So help me out. What kind of blogs do you read? News, arts, sports, hobbies? What interests you? What blog makes you put everything aside, block out the world, and spend a few precious minutes out of your day to read?

Share your favorite blogs with me and my…fans.

Oh yeah. Please subscribe to my blog.


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