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A Christmas miracle! I assembled a bike!

img_20161127_153811416I did it. Despite my disinclination to purchase any item which states “assembly required,” I took on this project of building a bike for a child in need.The directions assured me it would be easy; the only tools needed were an adjustable and allen wrench. My first thought was, so who’s Allen?

Kick-off, bike parts spread across the living room floor. You get the picture. Right off, the manufacturer’s directions only intimidate me further. “Certain models may have different configuration. See page 29.” Not a good sign. But you and I have what our parents and their parents never had. The internet. God bless you, internet. A quick Googling, a video tutorial (God Bless you, Toys R Us), and with newfound confidence, the bike was assembled by the third quarter.

And it looks rather spiffy, if I do say so. At first I was a bit worried the Spiderman theme would cause the kid to be laughed at in the neighborhood, but, you know, He’s five. When you’re five you get to wear action figures on your pajamas and ride around on your red and blue Spiderman bike—with training wheels—with uninhibited joy.
And I have to tell you. I feel pretty good that my bike will be waiting under the tree for the little guy on Christmas morning.
Oh, yeah. The helmet? Spiderman!
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