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A case of mistaken identity

knduers 020This guy comes up to me in the Fred Meyer parking lot and he starts, “I bet you get this all the time.”

I do. Get this all the time. People recognize me from TV.  

“You look just like the guy from America’s Funniest Home Videos…What’s his name?”

“Dick Clark? I look like Dick Clark? ”

“No. Tom Bergeron. You look just like him.”

“Really. I’ll have to watch. what’s it called again?”

“America’s Funniest Home Videos. But he’s not on it anymore.”

He went on to his car, leaving me wondering if  looked like a guy I had never heard of who hosted a TV show I had never seen.  So when I got home and after getting the ice cream in the freezer, I Googled my spitting image.tom bergeron What do you think? Do I look like Tom Bergeron?

This has happened to me before. Remember the judge on Night Court?

 Warner Brothers

Harry Anderson.  People thought I looked like him. I got a lot of that in the late eighties, especially when I anchored the late news and Night Court came on prior to the broadcast.

And going way back, and I mean waaaay back,  a waitress at Disneyland thought I was the red-headed kid from Flipper, the TV show. Tommy Norden.tommy norden

For the record, Dick Clark never hosted  America’s funniest Home Videos. That was Bob Saget.

I don’t look like him either.


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