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Irresistible offer for a squirrely summer-cagey and nuts

This battle-this war-between me and squirrels, started a year ago last spring. The apricot tree brimmed with golden yellow fruit. The proud gardener I am, every morning I ventured into the orchard, nosed around the clusters of fruit hanging from the branches, my anticipation building as the fruits of my labor gradually began to give with the gentle presssure of my fingers.

Nice memories of Nice, De beaux souvenirs

Giuseppe Cacace, AFP,Getty Images
Giuseppe Cacace, AFP,Getty Images

After an excruciatingly long and sluggish train ride through Italy, I finally coasted into the French Riviera, A Cote d’Azur, my last stop on a summer vacation across Europe. I regarded the rain beading on my shoulders and saturating my backpack, but assured it was a mere interlude by the couple who rented rooms in their apartment located a few blocks from the beaches of Nice.