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Month: December 2016

Skipping Christmas

frosty It was last Christmastime I read John Grisham’s novel Skipping Christmas. I was about two pages into it when I said to myself, this should be a movie.
At my writer’s critique group I told them about this book and said “It should be a movie.”
Judy looked at me and said, “It is a movie.”

Granting a holiday wish-some assembly required

In the season of giving I’m fulfilling the holiday wish of a child in a low-income family. The boy—he’s five, wants either Spiderman action figures or—get this—his first bike. Me, the big softy I am, bought a Spiderman bike. How ingenious and cool is that, right? Add a Spiderman helmet, BOOM. Load up the sleigh and let’s go – until I realized part of this philanthropic gesture would include me assembling the bike.